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Bug Off - Herbal Infused Bug Spray | Essential Oil Free


Bug Off, your all-natural solution to keep pesky insects at bay! Our herbal-infused bug spray is specially crafted to provide effective protection without the use of essential oils or DEET, making it a safe choice for the entire family.

Why Choose Bug Off?

Essential Oil Free: Our formula is gentle on sensitive skin, avoiding any potential irritations that essential oils can sometimes cause.

DEET Free: Enjoy peace of mind knowing that our spray is free from harsh chemicals, providing a natural defense against bugs.

Family-Friendly: Safe for everyone, from toddlers to adults, so you can keep your loved ones protected without worry.

Herbal Infusion: Harnessing the power of nature, our unique blend of herbs offers effective and long-lasting protection against insects.

Non-Toxic and Safe: Perfect for outdoor activities, whether you're hiking, camping, or enjoying a backyard barbecue.

Eco-Friendly: Our spray is kind to the environment, using sustainable and biodegradable ingredients. Reuse or recycle the bottle once done, or contact us for a discounted REFILL.

Pleasant Scent: Bug Off has a fresh, herbal fragrance that you'll love.

How It Works:

Witch Hazel Extraction: Witch hazel is used to extract the plants' volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are natural compounds that help repel insects. This method ensures that we capture the most potent properties from our organic bug-repelling herbs.
Organic Glycerin Anchor: Organic glycerin acts as an anchor, holding the herbal scent on your skin/hair/clothes longer. This means a safe, extended protection and a pleasant fragrance that stays with you.

Say goodbye to bugs and hello to worry-free outdoor adventures with Bug Off. Protect your family the natural way and enjoy the great outdoors with confidence. Try Bug Off today and experience the difference of herbal-infused protection!