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Rose Renewal Face Mask Powder

$15.00 - $25.00

Indulge your skin in the luxurious embrace of our Rose Renewal Face Mask, a gentle yet revitalizing spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home. This exquisite mask is carefully crafted to pamper your skin, leaving it feeling refreshed, radiant, and delicately fragrant.

Enriched with the timeless essence of roses, known for their soothing and hydrating properties, this face mask provides a delicate touch that nourishes your skin from within.

The key ingredient, Kaolin Clay, is renowned for its gentle cleansing and exfoliating effects. This fine, naturally occurring clay draws out impurities and excess oils, leaving your skin feeling cleansed and rejuvenated without causing any harshness or irritation. Its mild nature makes it suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and delicate skin.

Whether you're seeking a moment of self-care or a mild exfoliation, our Rose Renewal Face Mask provides a gentle, indulgent escape that transforms your skincare routine into a spa-like retreat. Allow this harmonious blend to work its magic, promoting a radiant complexion and a more refined skin texture.

To maximize the benefits of your Rose and Kaolin Clay Face Mask, follow these simple and effective directions for application:

**Prepare Your Skin**
Start with a clean, dry face free from any makeup, dirt, or impurities. Pat your face dry with a clean towel.

**Prepare The Mask**
Open the jar and add about 1 TBSP of powder to a non metallic bowl. Add about 1 TSP of liquid; water, honey, or our favorite "Let's Glow Girls" oil serum. Stir with a non metallic utensil to create a paste. We recommend using a makeup brush for easy application.

**Apply Evenly**
Using a makeup brush or your fingertips, apply a thin, even layer of the mask onto your face, avoiding the delicate eye and lip areas. Spread the mask evenly to cover your skin, ensuring that it reaches all the contours of your face and neck.

**Relax and Unwind**
Once applied, take a moment to relax and unwind. Consider lying down or reclining to enhance the spa-like experience. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and let the calming scent of roses envelop you. Allow the mask to stay on your face for up to 15 minutes.

**Rinse Thoroughly**
Gently rinse the mask off with lukewarm water. Use circular motions to ensure the kaolin clay exfoliates the skin as it's removed. Pat your face dry with a clean towel.

**Follow with Skincare Routine**
Complete your skincare ritual by applying your favorite moisturizer or serum ( we love a great Tallow Balm or Let's Glow Girls Serum) to lock in the benefits of the mask. Enjoy the radiant, refreshed feeling of your revitalized skin.

Incorporate the Rose and Kaolin Clay Face Mask into your skincare routine 1-3 times per week, depending on your skin's needs.

The statements made regarding this product have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult with your healthcare provider before using any herbal or dietary supplements, especially if you have a pre-existing medical condition, are taking any medications, or are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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